Blogtober 2018, Lists!!

A wish list of sorts

So now that I’ve gotten a job, I compiled a list of things that I wanted to buy for myself. Slightly pricey things so I can’t get them all at once but I can get things one by one! So here we go:

  • Instax camera – So I love the idea of Instax cameras and I have a few Polaroids taken by friends which I adore and I want to be able to take my own! (Without feeling guilty about wasting their film)
  • Leather jacket – Fake leather, of course, but I love the look of a leather jacket but I have yet to find one I love. I don’t want to half ass it like I did before because I didn’t love that jacket and ended up giving it away. Bit of a waste really. So I’m looking to actually take my time and up my standards so I find one that I adore.
  • A hair cut – Maybe a bit weird but I don’t get my hair cut very often at all, the last hair cut I had was maybe two years ago when I chopped 12 inches off and that was after 5 years of avoiding the hairdressers! But now I want to get long layers in my hair cos I think it’ll add a bit of movement especially as I’m growing my hair out again back to its former glory!
  • Thigh high boots – Love them, they look sexy as hell and very autumnal. I wanted to give them a go last year but I didn’t feel very confident about it so I didn’t bother, but this year I’m feeling it!
  • Combat boots – So I had boots that I bought YEARS ago and never wore. They started getting a bit banged up from being jostled around so much and just left to breakdown in the garage. But then this past month I finally recognised their potential and started wearing them almost everyday and it was too much for those poor things and they fell apart. So now I’m on the hunt for another pair like them but I can’t find any that don’t have all the excessive decorative buckles :/ I’ll find my perfect pair eventually!!

    That’s all for today folks, until next time 🍁

Hauls & reviews

A lil weekend haul

So I’ve ran out of scheduled blogotber posts, luckily I went out this weekend so woooo haul!


So I got nose and second ear piercings back in April, and for my job I’m not supposed to have piercings in. My ear piercings are easy to take out my nose, to be quit frank, hurt like a bitch. Because there was a ridge at the end to stop it from falling out but I had to pull that through the nose hole which is smaller than it. So I left it in and have been hiding from the authorities at work :/ So yeah, that’s why I got a nose ring sorta thing so that it’s way easier to take out. The other two nose piercing stuff I had to get because there were no stand alone nose rings ://

We’re gonna ignore the silver earrings cos they did not work out well at all. And of course, cactus earrings. Who would I be if I didn’t buy cactus earrings! (They were £3.50)


Brush pens! I’ve gotten more creative with my journaling recently and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at hand lettering, so brush pens. I’m not very good at the moment but I’ll practise, the pens are quite nice as well considering it was only £4! (From The works)


So APPARENTLY, collection came out with another darker shade for their concealer?? I’ve had number 4 for years, and it’s a tad too light but I feel like 5 is a tad too dark (I haven’t properly trialled it yet so it might not be!) so I’m gonna have to some mixing. Also it was on offer to it was £3 something at Wilko.


Truthfully, I got this because I wanted a notebook to plan out blog posts but then I figured that I’m not really that kind of blogger anymore. So I’ve decided to use this to practice my hand lettering, I think, I started practising in my journal but I think it would be better to have a separate notebook so that I can just have more pretty writing in my journal. (£1 from Wilko)


A metal water bottle!! This has been on my list for a while, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one just because everyone had bottles from that brand. (I think it’s called Chilly or something) I found this little beauty in Wilko for £5, there was baby blue and baby (?) pink. But yes, I wanted a metal water bottle because I want to reduce my plastic waste as much as I can because I need a water bottle with me at all times but most of the “reusable” plastic bottles I had always leaked. Or broke and ruined everything in my bag…

That’s all I got lads, I’ll be seeing you again the day after tomorrow (hopefully!)

Until next time 🍁

Blogtober 2018, My poems

A poem

You want me to be meek

Silent footsteps, sweet smiles.

To bow down before you,

to let you fill my mind with your ideals.

After all, I’m just a woman.


Sealed lips, sealed legs

for someone chosen to unwrap.

Not chosen by me, of course.


But I’m not yours to give

not yours to bend and shape.

I will never fit into your mould

I’m too loud, too angry

Too much of everything you didn’t want me to be.

Have you ever tried to silence a storm?

Try it, I dare you.

An impossible feat.


Now try and silence me

I dare you.

17 years and I’ve only gotten louder.

–  An angry poem from 2017


Blogtober 2018

What I’m watching these days

So in my last post I mentioned how I watch Netflix and all that good stuff. Which prompted me to write this post, good thing it did cos I need to get the rest of my blogtober posts sorted before I fall behind!!

So here’s a list of what I’m watching atm, not all of these are on Netflix because I live in the UK and it’s all a season behind *le sigh*

  • Jane the virgin
  • How to get away with murder – This is a wild one, they have a habit of doing “flash forwards” and then working backwards, it’s maddening!
  • Dynasty – Elizabeth Gillies am I right, wowee
  • Forensic files – mega interesting but I can’t watch it after dark haha!
  • Modern family – I mean, it’s modern family what more can I say!
  • Brooklyn nine nine – This is just the old seasons on a loop until the new one is released

Im also looking to start:

  • Sherlock (again!)
  • Maybe, the good place
  • The Crown

Bit of a short one today, but really what more can I say without boring you all to death?

Until next time! 🍁


Cosy night in essentials

So I love autumn, if you hadn’t already guessed! My main reason is the whole cosy vibe that surrounds this time of year. Every night when I’m not working is inevitably a cosy night in for me, so it only makes sense that I make a list of my essentials.

1) Fluffy socks and PJs

I’m out of my “outdoorsy clothes” and into my pjs real fast. Oversized men’s t-shirts from primark are a godsend. Hella cheap as well, I currently have 8 shirts in my collection. I don’t know how people can stay in their other clothes for ages, if I’m not eating as soon as I get home then I’m getting changed.

Now, I don’t wear socks to bed because that’s just a whole new level of discomfort I’m not willing to deal with but, I do love pulling on some thick fluffy socks as soon as I get home.

2) Youtube and/or Netflix

Usually even on days that I’m busy, I’ll still go through my subscriptions and add videos that I like the look of to then sit down and watch when I have the time. Youtube is usually the first place I go to when I’m having a chill evening because I usually have a couple of videos ready to watch. Once I’m done with YouTube and I still have time to spare, I’ll move on over to netflix. I mean, it only makes sense really. I think I’ve just thought of another blogtober post!

3) My bed

Can you truly be cosy if you’re not in bed? I’m still at home with my family so I spend most of my time in my room, the living room is usually taken over my brother’s lego and his very loud TV shows. (Dinosaur king, anyone?)

4) Food/snacks

Need I explain? Can’t be watching shows and YouTube videos without le snacks.

5) Rainy weather

While this isn’t guaranteed (I mean this past summer was a shocker) there is nothing better than being huddled up in bed, all warm and cosy while it’s chucking it down outside. Perfection.

Right lads, that’s all I’ve got for today! I hop you’re enjoying these blogtober post and I shall see you again soon, until next time! 🍁


Where I'm at right now

October 2018| Where I’m at right now

So I know we’re in the middle of blogtober, but I feel like doing a life update. I feel like some things have happened that I’d like to talk about, plus blogtober is what you make it so here we go!

So two months ago I posted a blog post which just talked about where I was in life, you can read it here, I’ll be referencing it a lot.

Getting a job

So in that post I talked about how I had been struggling to get a job so I decided to volunteer in a charity shop to gain some experience in retail. Well, since then I got a job at a fish and chip shop, quit said job a month later cos the hours were ridiculous and then got a second job that pays way more and I can pick my hours! I can’t say where I’m working because that would give away where I live, but I had my first shift this past weekend and it was really chill. So I’m happy with that.


I told you guys how I had postponed my test because I wasn’t ready, well my test is this month and I’m not feeling too awful about it if I’m being honest. For the most part I’m driving fine, I just need to tweak things here and there but it’s nothing major. I’m honestly so excited to get this test over and done with, and hopefully passing it too!


Of course, school has started up again for me. We’re one month in, and while the school work itself is fine I’m not loving school. Almost everyone I went to school with is now at uni, and I’m left with barely a handful of people who are also staying an extra year but I don’t often get to see the ones who aren’t in my class. I’m not ashamed of staying an extra year but that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it. It feels like I shouldn’t be there anymore, and with all the changes and new people, it doesn’t feel like it’s the same school I’ve been going to for the past 7 years. But, Christmas is around the corner and we all know the days will somehow disappear once I’m over that hill.


So I moved over to my new blog! And honestly, I feel so at peace with blogging now. There’s no internal pressure, or stress. I’m just blogging because it’s fun again!


This is a new topic, so I’ve started getting really into journaling recently. I’ve got some actual ‘supplies’ now, and I have plans to get more! I’m really having a lot of fun with it and I’ll be writing more posts about it soon. I’m not sure how much of my actual journal pages I will share, the ones I’m more proud of will more than likely end up on my instagram so go give that follow. There’s a little peek into my feed over there (if you’re on a computer) >

That is also something else I’ve been having a lot of fun with, the same could not be said for the instagram I used to have.

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little update. I think “where I’m at right now” is what I’m going to call these posts. I quite liked writing it so I’ll probably be back with more whenever my life gets interesting again.

Until next time 🍁

Blogtober 2018

Shamelessly loving Twilight

Now hold your horses, I’m not saying that the Twilight series is without flaws. There are many. I haven’t read the books since I was 13, but I am aware of the questionable writing in it.

However, I do adore the films. The first one is super cringey but it’s still great. When I feel down, I usually try to sit down and watch a Twilight film. (Usually the third one onwards) I can quote the dialogue to perfection and some scenes have me smiling like I’ve just won the lottery.

I think for me, Twilight was my first look at love. While it’s not the healthiest relationship and I haven’t used it as a model for my own, nor would I recommend it, there’s just something about it that I can’t let go. I suppose it’s because it’s all fiction and I can enjoy the fantasy guilt free. Also vampires and werewolves? Definitely my kinda thing.

I do adore the music in it though, I’ve got a playlist on Spotify and I’ve got a playlist on my phone. I’m actually listening to the songs rn, it’s what prompted me to write this post. It’s just so calming, I have yet to get sick of the music. If I can’t get to the films, the music is the next best thing to help me feel better.

I wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure because I don’t think you should feel guilty about things that make you happy, unless they hurt others obviously.

So, what’s your non guilty pleasure?

Until next time 🍁