June TBR

So! I may or may not have impulse bought the first Percy Jackson book and also started reading it… Maybe by the time this post goes up I would’ve finished it, it’s only about 400 pages.

I searched it up and apparently there’s a spin off series too?? That is for another time.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Book 1 of Percy Jackson ...

Anyhow, my original plan for June was to read the Hundredth Queen series but seeing as I’ve already started PJO and I don’t like leaving series midway, I just thought it made more sense for me to focus on reading the PJO series this month. Plus I’ve been meaning to read this series for YEARS, it’s 15 years old and I still haven’t read it yet. I know, I’m shocked too! It was always right there in the library and I’d pick it up and put it down again, never taking it with me.

There’s 5 books in it so I think that’s a doable goal! Especially now that I am done and dusted with university for this academic year. I am liking it so far, I’m a couple chapters in. I have watched the film and I did like it but even without reading the book it felt like it was lacking something.

Also I’m sure everyone is aware of the TV show that’s coming out soon (?) and I want to watch it but not without reading the books first!

I’ve heard that there is a lot of good representation in these books too so I’m excited to see that as we all know that is not a common occurrence, definitely not in books that were written 15 years ago. We barely have it now!

Anyhoo, that’s it for this month’s tbr! It feels like a short post but I guess that’s because all the books are from the same series so there’s less to talk about!

Until next time ✌🏽

Black lives > White feelings

Hi all, I was going to have a June TBR post go up today but it really didn’t feel right to have it go up right now so I’ve pushed it to next week. There are far more important things going on right now.

If you’ve been following me on twitter then you’ll know that I’ve been, what feels like, yelling from the rooftops about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It has been upsetting and tiring at times but I am glad for it because times are changing and we are inching towards justice and reformation. George Floyd’s killers have been arrested and charged, just need them to be prosecuted and put behind bars. Along with that snake of a medical examiner that straight up lied about what had happened to him.

I don’t need to explain everything to you guys, I’m sure I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been said before. Plus I think the title of this post pretty much sums up how I feel.

2020 has been a wild year, we’re only just half way through it. All I can hope is that there is some significant change and reform in the world by the end of this year. I hope you are all showing your support and doing everything in your power to make some change. Whether that’s donating to causes, signing petitions or protesting. Not everyone can donate or protest. But nearly everyone can sign petitions and share information with others. You can watch youtube videos where there are loads of ads but every single penny from the adsense goes to Black Lives Matter organisations.

I haven’t got much more to say, as I’m truly exhausted and I would rather place my energy in donating and signing as many petitions as I can. Most of my activism takes place on twitter so please do follow me there and take part where you can!

I’ll leave some resources here for you guys to access:

  • https://blacklivesmatter.carrd.co/
  • A thread of petitions that need more support: here
  • Black Lives Matter website where you can donate and has a lot of information: here
  • Another thread of petitions to sign: here
  • YouTube video, all money made will be donated: here
  • And another YouTube video: here
  • YouTube video: here

I’ll leave you with this,

“I am no longer accepting things I cannot change, I am changing things I can no longer accept.” – Angela Davis

Until next time ❤


May Wrap up

Hello hello! Here we are at the end of another month, May went by quite quickly I feel.

May was also a very good month for reading! I managed to finish all five of the books I wanted to read this month. I can’t remember the last time I read that many books in a month, or even if I ever did!

So as you guys may already know if you read my May TBR post at the start of this month, I wanted to read the Red Queen series and the new SJM book, Crescent city: House of Earth and Blood. And you also may already know that I adored that book, I wrote a review for it (here) like 20 minutes after I read it. So I won’t go into that one too much seeing as I already have a whole post for it!

The Red Queen series was ok? Like I didn’t hate it as such and the story premise was interesting but I didn’t really love the characters like I know that I can. Mare irritated me a lot and I didn’t enjoy her narrative. But at the same time I didn’t care for the POVs as well so eh. I feel like I was reading it for the sake of finishing the series because I’ve flaked on it before. I managed to zoom through the first two books because I’ve read them before and the last two took me about a week each to get through. I took a little hiatus with the last book and had to remind myself to finish it because May was coming to a close.

Overall, probably won’t read the Red queen series again but I’m glad I finally finished it at the very least.

I’m now two books behind schedule on my goodreads challenge whereas I think I was 5 behind before. So that’s progress! I’m hoping to do another 5 book month in June but I haven’t fully decided yet, we shall see what I decide on by next week’s post.

That’s all for this month’s wrap up, I feel like it’s a bit lacking but I’ll read some from other more seasoned book bloggers and do better next month!

Until next time ✌🏽

Kindle, thoughts?

So as you guys know, I treated myself to a kindle as a sort of bday present to myself. I’ve been on and off wanting a kindle for literal years! I always stayed away from them because I adore hardcopy books and I wasn’t willing to give them up. Even if the Kindle was more convenient in every way.

But with the lock-down, I had a chance to read again! Something I haven’t properly done in a good few months, maybe even a year or so. But books can get pricey and that £5.99 here and £7.99 there begin to add up rapidly. Plus I’d have to get them delivered which is just adding to the work load of the poor delivery drivers out there.

So I turned my attention to the kindle, I was still umming and ahing, but then I made a list of books I’d want to read over the next couple months and added up their hardcopy prices and the Kindle prices. Unsurprisingly, the Kindle total price was cheaper. By a decent margin, so if I wanted to read as much as I wanted without breaking the bank, a Kindle investment seemed worthwhile.

So here I am, a couple weeks into having a kindle. My thoughts? It was a good purchase, I’ve been able to read 3, almost 4, kindle books in the space of three weeks and it was cheaper than buying the hard copy and I didn’t have to wait for them to be delivered. Once one book finished I’d only have to wait a few minutes to buy and download the next book before I could dive back into the story.

While I do love the kindle, I will definitely still be buying hard copy books. As I’ve said before, I don’t quite know what my criteria is for buying a book as a hard copy over a kindle book. If anyone has any suggestions of criteria I would seriously love to hear them!! For now I know that any and all Sarah J Maas books will be bought as hard copies and that’s as far as I got.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on my kindle for now!! Thanks for reading 😊

Until next time ❤

The Book Blog Newbie tag

I found this tag through Shan from Booksnadventure so go check out her post! I’ve been looking for some tags to do since I started down this path of book blogging and this seemed to be a good place to start!

Why did you start this blog?

Well this specific blog I started after I went self hosted and I didn’t like it so I came back to wordpress but I couldn’t use my original wolfishdelight handle so I created Justwolfishdelight. I had some direction for a while but from around 2019 I sort of fell off the wagon with blogging and was a bit aimless for a while. So that’s where I decided to turn to book blogging to give myself a bit more of a direction to go in and it seems to be going well so far.

What are the fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

I feel as a Tamil girl, who is bi and was born and raised in the UK, I have some unique perspectives and even expectations for books. But also I have loved reading ever since I could read so I guess I also bring my love and passion for reading and the bookish world too!

What are you most excited for about this new blog?

Honestly, I’m excited to be excited about blogging again! When I posted my May TBR earlier this month, I haven’t felt excitement like that about my blog in a long, long time! And I’ve been blogging across various blogs for 8 years.

Why do you love reading?

I love reading because I feel like it opens my mind to new ideas and possibilities. Plus it makes me feel things!! I love it when authors make me love their characters like they’re my own friends, when I’m left still thinking about them long after I’ve finished reading the books. Looking at the inner circle of the Night court right now.

What book/series got you into reading?

The books I remember reading when I was little were the Jacqueline Wilson books and the Beast Quest books. And I thoroughly enjoyed them, I think I read every single J.W book until the second Hetty Feather book?

What questions would you ask your favourite authors?

I don’t know actually, my favourite author is Sarah J Maas at the moment. I think I’d wanna ask her how she creates such beautiful worlds!!

What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Honestly as always for me, it’s just keeping on top of it and keeping up with regular blogging. Because I usually run out of ideas and then struggle to get back into it, but I feel like with TBRs, monthly wrap ups and such like, I can stay on top of it. Part of why I wanted to do book blogging was that there is a certain structure to it that I appreciate.

When did you start reading?

I think I properly started reading for fun when I was about 6 because every summer our local library hosted a summer reading challenge which I took part in from the age of 6 to about 14? Of course once I got the taste for it I would go to the library pretty regularly well into my teens and then I started buying my own books instead of asking my parents to buy them for me.

Where do you read?

When I was in school I would read during tutor time and some breaks/lunches. Then I slowly stopped reading as exam stress mounted up and I’ve only recently started getting back into reading new books. Now I mostly read in bed, quarantine and all. But even without quarantine I probably would only really read in bed, maybe between lectures too?

What kind of books do you like to read?

I love fantasy for the most part, anything by Sarah J Maas is a firm favourite. I do love a good romance but including vampires, fae and all manner of other supernatural elements just makes it even better. There was a time where I read a lot of crime thrillers but they started to creep me out a little but now that I’m literally doing forensic science at uni, I may get back into it.

That just about sums up my first bookish tag! I don’t really know many people in the bookish tag to tag people so if you wanna do it then go for it!!

Leaving my socials below, looking to find some fellow book blogger friends so drop me a line!

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May BuJo Spreads

It is May!! March dragged like a motherfucker and but I feel like April went pretty quick, and now here we are in May!

For today’s post I thought I’d show you my bullet journal spreads for this month! The pictures are looking super blue but it fits the theme I guess so it’s ok! My spreads are pretty simple if I’m being honest, I usually have monthly colour schemes, I’ll pick maybe three cohesive colours and have that as my “theme” for that month. But seeing as May is birthday month, I put in slightly more effort and I usually always have a celestial theme running throughout it. I usually always have a similar colour scheme too, it’s grey/blue/purple.

So starting with my title page which is just the month with some lil spacey whale stickers that my friend sent me. The next page is my monthly spread as you can see I have a real fun month after my birthday. I have a rough calendar key that I use across all my calendars, including my google calendar. So from what you can see here, I use dark green for exams/due dates and then pink for birthdays, with mine being on the 8th 😀

I usually have a large chunk of space left at the bottom so I use that as a section to write in things that are happening the following month.

Next we have my expenses and my gratitude section, I think the expenses page sorta speaks for itself. It does start to look a little scraggly near the end but in my defense I didn’t know I’d be sharing it on my blog when I did it! The gratitude page is also sort of a line a day page, just something good that happened that day. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and it’s probably my favourite spread. It also helps that it is the easiest spread to draw/write out.

And here we have my weekly spread, they basically all look like this. Very simple! I did try to add a little tracker in the bottom corner, only because I recently restarted learning french using duolingo (third time’s the charm!) and colouring in little boxes make me stick to habits so there it is. With my exams coming up, my tasks for everyday aren’t that fun atm. But it is what it is.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! I didn’t really plan to do this post hence why my spreads don’t look as good as they could. But hey ho, I think June will be a bit neater.

Until next time ❤

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On the eve of turning 20

Bonus post for you all on the eve of my birthday!

I wrote a post the day before my birthday last year (you can find it here) and I quite liked it so I think I’ll stick to this little tradition of mine.

Last year I spoke about how 19 itself wasn’t a special birthday, it wasn’t a 16 or an 18. But to me turning 19 was special because it was the year where a lot of my dreams were coming to fruition. I started university (at last) and moved out, I passed my driving test (third time’s the charm) and I started my pin business!

I also made some wonderful friends at university, which I really needed after my train wreck of friendships from GCSEs to the end of sixth form. All in all 19 has been good to me. I also went to therapy at 19! Twice! And it really opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself. So actually, turning 19 was pretty special.

Now as I also said in that post, turning 20 is #panicadulting. I didn’t really feel like an adult when I turned 18, being 18 doesn’t mean shit in a brown household and for the most part my life didn’t change.

But turning 20? You don’t have that “-teen” at the end of your age anymore, you’re an “actual official adult” as my 9 year old brother likes to say.

I’m moving into a HOUSE with two of my friends this year, it doesn’t get more real than that. Like guys, I have house bills to pay now!!

I’ve been living a somewhat adult life for years anyway, being the eldest daughter in an immigrant family means that your shoulders will be weighed down with responsibility from the moment you can read. But turning 20 makes it feel more official now. Semi panicked rambling aside, I am excited to see what my 20th year will bring me. Even if I’m starting it in quarantine.

19 bought me a lot priceless lessons and healing, I’m hoping 20 will too.

Until next time ❤

Crescent City: House of Earth & Blood| A spoiler free review

Well, here we are. I finished House of Earth and Blood within 22 hours of it arriving at my house. That’s gotta be some kind of record, right? Anyhow, as I’m writing this it has been about 40 minutes since I finished it and I wanted to write a post while it’s all fresh in my mind.

House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City): Amazon.co.uk: Maas ...

To begin with, one major thing I noticed right off the bat was all the casual swearing, not a complaint at all, that’s exactly how I talk and it made the book feel very modern, as it’s set in the future-ish that’s fair enough.

The friendship between Danika and Bryce was also kind of refreshing for a SJM book, having read and loved both the Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series, both Feyre and Celaena were lone wolves and certainly didn’t have close female friends when their stories began. So it was really nice to see Bryce already have that friendship from the get go.

As the story progressed I began to really see the Sarah J Maas style everywhere, I didn’t notice it as much when I read ACOTAR after reading TOG but third time’s the charm I suppose. Bearing in mind I was 13 when I first started TOG, so it’s not like I was paying full attention to the intricacies of SJM’s style. And even after my many rereads of both series I didn’t note it.

While the similarities were there, this story is still definitely hold its own.

I’ll be honest, Bryce really pissed me off in the beginning, everyone was trying so hard to help her and get her to help them but she really just wasn’t having it. But after a while, the real Bryce started showing through. I think I saw who the real Bryce was after the nail salon scene, I’m not gonna say anything more but that’s when I was like “ah there she is!”

SJM has a really neat way of making me fall in love with her characters, the first quarter of the book was me trying to figure out who was who and what all the names and titles meant but once it got past that I fell and I fell hard. The way Bryce and Hunt’s relationship developed gave me all the feels and tingles I could have ever asked for, it worked so well. The teasing, the flirting, the growing bond, it was intoxicating.

As for the plot itself, it was certainly very interesting, at times it took me a second or some further reading to understand what certain events meant and why they were even important, but I got there in the end and it was certainly an interesting chain of events. I didn’t see most of it coming, there were punchy reveals left, right and center for a while. It was dizzying, but I still really enjoyed it.

I don’t think I have anything negative to say about the book to be honest, I mean there was a bit near the end that I feel I kinda saw coming but it was still a shock when it was eventually revealed.

I think that just about concludes this review, I feel like it’s a little scattered but it sums up how I felt. I’m just itching to go back into that universe but alas, I have to wait until the sequel. It made me cry a couple times too, so all in all I’d say it’s a hecka good book and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who loved SJM’s past books and even if you haven’t read those then let this be the book that sets you down that path.

So that’s that! How are we liking the bookish content so far? I’m aware this is only the second post in but I’m certainly enjoying it! I’ll also be leaving my socials down below so be sure to follow me there too!

Until next time ❤

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May TBR| Am I a book blogger now?

So I recently treated myself to a Kindle, and by recently I mean my Kindle is due to be arriving today. But in true me fashion I already know what I want to read, plus I’m falling behind on my Goodreads reading challenge and it’s not even that high, I set myself 25 books this year because I fell short of my 30 books last year.

I do aim to smash the 25 book goal, how can I not?? We’re literally locked inside! Which is further reason as to why I finally made the jump and bought a kindle, no more waiting on delivery and paying nearly £10/book. I got this.

Plus I have been really getting into booktube as of late and I missed reading so I’m gonna slowly incorporate it into my blog because why not? It’s not like this blog has a theme that I’m ruining.

So without furter ado, my May TBR:

House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City): Amazon.co.uk: Maas ...

First up is House of earth and blood, the new SJM book! This I will actually have as a hardback because I’m getting it for my birthday. I still adore non-digital, smell the pages, new book feel book so I will get them from time to time, I’m still unsure of the criteria for the books I buy as “real copies” but I’ve loved and own all the other SJM books so it only makes sense that I get this one as printed copy.

Red Queen: Red Queen Book 1 by [Victoria Aveyard]

Next up we have Red Queen, I wanna read the whole series this month so this is actually 4 books rolled into one paragraph. I’ve read the first two books in this series but I’d like to start from the beginning and then finish it off! I wasn’t actually planning on reading this series this month, I actually wanted to restart the Hundredth Queen series but my kindle arrived while I was writing this post (MEGA excited about this, post coming soon :D) and I logged in and I forgot that I already bought Red Queen and Glass Sword on kindle when I had the app so I thought, I’ve spent enough money this past week, I’ll focus on this series this month.

So that’s 5 books to read this month, about 1.25 books a week. Sounds like a lotta fun and should hopefully push me back into being on track to complete (or even beat!) my Goodreads challenge! 🙂

And as for am I book blogger now? I have no idea but I haven’t been this excited about writing a blog post in a while so maybe? I have some bookish blog post ideas whirling around in my head so I guess we’ll see where this all goes!

Until next time ❤

The eternal struggle: How to relax? – A revisit

So I was scrolling through my posts and I thought it would be nice to revisit an old one seeing as my life isn’t the most exciting right now. So as I was scrolling I found this one, right here. This is one piqued my interest because I wrote it exactly a year ago today!

It’s pretty relevant too seeing as we’re all being forced to relax in one way or another. In the post I just spoke about how I had two whole days off in the holiday with no work or school work and I didn’t know what to do with myself, oh honey if only you knew…

I’m not entirely sure what “being relaxed” means to me, now that could be the anxiety but I couldn’t be sure.

Now it’s more, “Am I doing work?” and if the answer is no, the follow up is “Should you be?” and if the answer to that is no as well, then I guess that’s what relaxing means.

I would love to just lounge outside in the sunshine, and I try to, but I can hardly relax with wasps circling my head in droves and weird looking insects trying to crawl into my ears and nose. Eugh, not a fan. I could do with a stereotypical beach holiday, not in the UK and not with my family. Constantly worrying that someone is going to get kidnapped or drown is not the best way to relax I don’t think. But my beach holiday will come. One day. Probably after I’m married because brown girls can only holiday with husbands. (Even if the parentals don’t agree with my choice in husband anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️ )

Ah well, that is all the insightful wisdom I have for now!

Until next time ❤