Uni shopping: Kitchen

Hi all! So I’ve almost finished my uni shop now which is very exciting and I thought I’d share some lists for each “section” of my shopping because I know I was scouring the internet for lists like these when I was compiling my shopping list, I thought it would be too long if I did them all in one post so I’m gonna go section by section.

Today is, kitchen!

  • Cutlery
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Glasses
  • Glass jars for tea/sugar 
  • Wooden spoon 
  • Spatula
  • Tupperware (lots)
  • Chopping board
  • Bin bags 
  • Peeler
  • Mini colander
  • Measuring spoon things
  • Oven tray (flat)
  • Grater
  • Can opener
  • Tea towels
  • Pots and pans
    • Frying pan
    • Saucepan(s)

Kitchen shopping was oddly fun tbh, I’ve accidentally fallen into a blue theme so I plan to stick with that! I was going to include pictures but honestly the thought of picking through the bags of shopping to take decent pictures of everything wasn’t appealing! Do let me know if I’ve missed anything, it would be greatly appreciated!

Are you going to uni this year and if so, have you started your shopping yet?

Until next time ❤


Results day 2K19

Hi guys!!! So much has happened this week, well two things. Two BIG things, first off on Tuesday after failing it twice I finally passed my driving test!! Now I’m just crying about how damn expensive car insurance is.

And the second thing! Which all of you will know because nearly everyone who reads my posts are from twitter, but nonetheless I got into my first choice university!! Nottingham Trent here I come 😀

I woke up bleary eyed to a text from NTU, and truly I couldn’t believe my eyes. A dream come true, after I decided to put it as my firm choice I’ve been pining after it like jilted lover. (I think that’s the right phrase)

As for my results, I needed to get DD (as in, distinctions) to get in and I managed to get D*D*! To say I was shocked is an understatement, I had to ask my teachers to confirm it for me. Twice.

I’ve been home for a couple hours now, I’ve opened my student bank account too! I just need to wait for the card to come through before I can confirm my accommodation booking.

This is all so exciting!!! It’s been my dream to go to uni ever since I was little, especially because it means so much to my parents that I get there. Now I’m determined to work my ass off and make them proud.

I don’t have much else to say for now, just that I’m super thankful for all the lovely messages over on twitter and I suppose the university post spam begins now! Hope you enjoy it!

Until next time ❤

Cardiff day 3 & 4

Hi all! I’m finally home from Wales and boy is it good to be home. We got home at about 1am last night, it was raining so heavily so we had to go slow.

But anyway, on Wednesday we walked about 20 minutes into this place called Mermaid Quay, there was a stop there for a sight seeing tour bus so we got on there and got a little tour around Cardiff’s key points and then got the next tour bus back to where we started. We then went to have lunch in an Italian restaurant and then went off to explore. I went off to go to a little boutique I saw and I bought myself a trinket dish and a necklace.


Then we just walked home and settled down for the evening! Had some dinner, watched a film, all good things.

On Thursday, we got up and finished up packing away all our things so that we’d be ready to check out at 12pm.

We didn’t go home straight away though, we drove to a multi faith temple called Skanda Vale. It’s so beautiful there, its up on a huge hill which is more like a mountain in my opinion. There’s a bunch of mini temples/shrines dotted around and they also have animals there like peacocks, turkeys, deer and even elephants that they also take care of. We arrived around 2pm and just wandered until the pooja we wanted to go to started (6pm) and then once that was over we went home!

While I did enjoy Wales, I’m so happy to be home in my own bed with all the home comforts I know and love.

The next time you hear from me, it’ll probably be on A level results day D:

Good luck to anyone else waiting for results and also good luck to everyone getting their GCSE results in two weeks!

Until next time 🙂

Cardiff day 2

Hello again! Today was quite busy, so much walking! We went down to the city centre and went to the Natural museum, it was quite nice! Me and my family quite enjoy museums so we always have fun.

We spent a couple hours there looking at pickled snakes and models of mammoths, you always learn something new. Plus it was fun to showcase my GCSE biology knowledge to my parents and teach them something new.

Manny and Peach

After that we went shopping, of course. I mainly bought art supplies tbh. I bought myself an A5 sketchbook because mine is almost full, plus it’s A4 and I don’t like that it’s so big. I bought some tubes of watercolour paint, some more brushes and a little flower palette thing to mix paints in. I would insert pictures but I’d have to get up to go take a picture and quite frankly, it’s almost 11pm and I can’t be bothered.

After we got home, my mum got started on dinner while my dad and brothers went swimming. I went with the guys to make sure they didn’t get lost, but I didn’t get in the water because I don’t have a swimming costume and didn’t find any I liked while we were shopping.

Then to round off the evening we had dinner and then settled down to watch a film! It was nice, I just sat and sketched in my old sketchbook for the first bit of the film because it was a bit slow to start but it got really good after a while.

That’s all for tonight!

Until tomorrow ❤

Cardiff Day 1

Hi all! I thought I’d do a mini series of short posts about my stay in Cardiff, I’ll know that I’ll forget when I get back home and I’ll probably forget what I did on each day too!

So I got woken up bright and early at 7am to start getting ready and we were all in the car and ready to go by 8am! We drove down and we got to the place at like half 10, which I’d say is pretty decent timing. Except we couldn’t check in until 3pm so we decided to drive down to a beach nearby, the one most suited to what we wanted was Barry beach so off we went.

It was fun, my dad and brothers went straight into the sea and me and my mum alternated between standing in the waves and chilling on the sand. We then went off around the little shops and bought some sweets for people back home and also had a Gregg’s lunch. Vegan sausage roll for me, of course.

We then circled back an checked into the lil flat we’re staying in, my mum wanted a place where we could cook for ourselves. We had a place like that last time and it worked out really well for us. Now we’re all taking turns to shower and my mum’s making dinner!

We’re planning on going shopping a little bit later as I need a swimming costume (there’s a pool here with a Jacuzzi, gotta snap up that opportunity!)

There’s a lot of boutiques and a market nearby, plus we’re really close to the town centre so those are some options for us over the next few days!

Until tomorrow! ❤

No one is born an artist

I’ve always enjoyed looking at art, being in complete awe that a human being created such beauty with a pencil or some paint. And I always thought “if only I could draw like that, but I’m not an artist” and I let myself believe that for years, almost two decades as a matter of fact. Then now, at 19 years old, I opened an Etsy store selling my artwork on pins and stickers.

I’m not amazing, I can’t draw in breathtaking detail or capture the essence of nature with paints, but I can draw little doodles as I like to call them. A cute bumble bee or a light bulb with plants inside. Cartoony drawings, simple lines with little to no shading. But you know what, that’s still art. It might not take your breath away but it might make you smile, and that’s enough.

The biggest lie we’ve ever been told is that people are born artists. But we’re not, drawing is just a skill that can be learnt and honed if you have the patience to do so. I’ve loved this past month practising little by little and seeing the pretty little things that I’ve come up with. Roses and sunsets, the moon and her stars. It’s been pretty damn cool.

Jumping over the last hurdle of insecurity and starting my Etsy shop has been the best decision I ever made, it made me realise that art comes in many different forms and none are less worthy of love than the others. It’s also opened me up to hundreds of unique art styles from other Etsy sellers and just artists online, it’s been an enlightening experience to say the least.

I’m gonna wrap this up now, I feel like it’s getting a bit long! If you’d like to check out my Etsy shop then I’ll leave a link for you here. It’s looking a little bare now but I have a lot of things in the works!!

Until next time ❤

What I’m looking forward to for the rest of 2019

As much as I strive to live in the present, I can’t help but be excited for things to come. I’m a planner, what can I say! It’s always healthy to have things to look forward to and to help you stay positive, so here are my things as of July 2019.


There’s much to be excited for in August, I’m basically counting down the days til it starts at this point! I have my family holiday happening in August, we’re off to Cardiff and I’m actually pretty excited for it! Will try to document it, I know I said that about my holiday last year and managed to document absolutely nothing but I’ll try harder this year!

I’m also excited because I have a two weeks off work and that’s just a fun prospect really.

I also have results day coming up, and I know it’s usually more normal to be afraid for results day but for now I’m dead excited because it’ll mean that I can dive head first into uni prep and shopping because my place will be 100% confirmed, can’t wait for all the blog posts I have to write about that!

Also (hopefully) in August is me getting my hair dyed. Professionally this time, my hair is too short for me to mess about with, I won’t be able to hack inches off if it goes wrong. Plus I want it to look really nice, I’m thinking of a deep aubergine sorta purple that starts at the ends and blends up into my natural hair. Will have pictures up somewhere once I get it done.

September onwards

(I was gonna split this into all the remaining months but I thought that would be just a tad bit too much.)

September brings my youngest brother’s and my boyfriend’s birthdays, they’ll be turning 9 and 20 respectively. I really enjoy buying and giving presents so my loved ones’ birthdays are always quite exciting (if a little nerve wracking!)

September will also bring me going to university, which I feel like I talk about a lot on here but sue me, I’m excited! Moving out is a nerve wracking experience but the freedom that will come with it unparalleled to anything I’ve experienced before.

September is also the birth of Autumn, arguably my favourite season. But more on that another time.

As we move into October, I’ll be starting my first week of proper uni. Lectures, labs and seminars will be in full swing. I’m also going to attempt to do Blogotber again, same as last time I’ll be doing it every other day but I’m excited because I feel like I could be even more creative with it as I won’t be confined to my room and feel awkward trying to take pictures of things in front of my family.

I also do really enjoy the whole Halloween aesthetic, I’ve never been trick or treating but wandering around knocking on strangers’ doors in the dark never seemed that appealing to me anyway.

November brings the start of Christmas celebrations, which I do enjoy if I’m being honest. I imagine I’ll be starting my lists of what to buy for who, and how much of it I can actually afford!

And December, brings Christmas and my first holiday from uni. I imagine I’ll need that month long break! It’ll be nice to be back with my family for a while. Of course there’s Christmas too, but Christmas day has never been such a big deal for me tbh just the atmosphere in the lead up to it. Boxing day on the other hand, pretty excited for that!

I’m gonna leave it there for now, this idea sort of just hit me out of nowhere and I thought it would be fun to give it a go! What are you excited for?

Until next time ❤