Blogtober Day 1!!

Hello everybody! If I’ve planned this correctly, this is probably one of the first blog posts I’m writing on this new blog! The others have been dragged over from my old one.

But yes, Blogtober, what is it? I’m sure many of you do know what it is and if not, I’ll tell you. Blogtober is a challenge of sorts, you blog everyday (or as close to that as you can manage!) for the whole of October. I decided for my sanity and the quality of my posts, I’ll be aiming to post every other day this month.

As October is very much intertwined with autumn and Halloween, a lot of bloggers like to have them as a running theme throughout this challenge but, as with most things to do with blogging, it’s not compulsory.

I have planned out some posts that are a bit of both, some have to do with autumn and some don’t. But there’s still room for me to come up with more posts! Which I hope I do soon because once school starts I’ll be drowning in assignments and homework.

And if you’re wondering, but won’t you have started school by now? My friend, that would be true if I was writing these posts in September but I decided to go extra hard and instead start planning and writing post in August to go up in October! This might seem a little extra to some but I learned the hard way that writing a post everyday is really difficult and I’d rather not give you guys some half assed barely making it to 100 words posts for the second half of October because I ran out of ideas.

And on that note, I’ll wrap up today’s post. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts this coming month and to those of you also taking part, good luck!!

Until next time๐Ÿ


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