Why I love Autumn

Anyone who spoke to me for more than 2 minutes during the heatwave would have heard me hating on summer and wishing it would be autumn already. While my hatred for the overwhelming heat is a key player as to why I love autumn, it’s not the only reason.


Autumn is where my style can live its best life, I love layering clothes and wearing boots of varying lengths. Neither of which can be done during summer. It’s not that I have an aversion to showing my skin, but I’d rather it not be a necessity. In summer it’s physically impossible to hide your skin without overheating, not a big fan of that.


As mentioned above, I hate being too warm. I love that crisp autumn air when you step out of your house early in the morning. The grey clouds and promise of rain, all good things that make my soul happy. Plus, you can’t get cosy when the sun is blindingly bright and the weather is warm. But, when the temperatures begin to drop and your bed is suddenly far too comfortable to leave? Perfect cosy weather.


Autumn by far has the most beautiful colour palette, even though I’m someone who leans towards wearing cooler colours such as blues and greens. I can’t help but fall in love with gorgeous burnt oranges and deep reds each and every year when autumn rolls around. I’m even more forgiving of the infamous mustard yellow.

Until next time 🍁


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