Cosy night in essentials

So I love autumn, if you hadn’t already guessed! My main reason is the whole cosy vibe that surrounds this time of year. Every night when I’m not working is inevitably a cosy night in for me, so it only makes sense that I make a list of my essentials.

1) Fluffy socks and PJs

I’m out of my “outdoorsy clothes” and into my pjs real fast. Oversized men’s t-shirts from primark are a godsend. Hella cheap as well, I currently have 8 shirts in my collection. I don’t know how people can stay in their other clothes for ages, if I’m not eating as soon as I get home then I’m getting changed.

Now, I don’t wear socks to bed because that’s just a whole new level of discomfort I’m not willing to deal with but, I do love pulling on some thick fluffy socks as soon as I get home.

2) Youtube and/or Netflix

Usually even on days that I’m busy, I’ll still go through my subscriptions and add videos that I like the look of to then sit down and watch when I have the time. Youtube is usually the first place I go to when I’m having a chill evening because I usually have a couple of videos ready to watch. Once I’m done with YouTube and I still have time to spare, I’ll move on over to netflix. I mean, it only makes sense really. I think I’ve just thought of another blogtober post!

3) My bed

Can you truly be cosy if you’re not in bed? I’m still at home with my family so I spend most of my time in my room, the living room is usually taken over my brother’s lego and his very loud TV shows. (Dinosaur king, anyone?)

4) Food/snacks

Need I explain? Can’t be watching shows and YouTube videos without le snacks.

5) Rainy weather

While this isn’t guaranteed (I mean this past summer was a shocker) there is nothing better than being huddled up in bed, all warm and cosy while it’s chucking it down outside. Perfection.

Right lads, that’s all I’ve got for today! I hop you’re enjoying these blogtober post and I shall see you again soon, until next time! 🍁



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