Keeping your vagina (and co) healthy

*Before I begin this post, I want to clarify that the vagina is just the opening. Where period blood comes out, where sex toys would go in (if you’re into that) etc. I have more of a focus on the vagina in this post but I do have some tips that are less about the vagina and more about other parts that could get infected, such as the urethra (where ye pee)*

For the most part, your vagina and surrounding area takes care of itself. Pretty convenient! But there are still ways that you can help out, quite important things too! Here are my current top tips:


I personally have never had a UTI but the things I have heard about it are unpleasant to say the least. This is after all kinds of sex. Oral, penetration, digital (fingering etc.) Peeing after sex means that any bacteria that may have gotten into your urethra get flushed out before any damage is done. I.e the painful burning peeing experience you’ll have. Even if you think you don’t need it, just go, you’ll be surprised!

Wear as little as you can to bed

In an ideal world you wouldn’t wear pants at all, to let it all breathe. Warm, moist places are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria so by allowing your vagina to breathe freely, you’re reducing the likelihood of an infection occurring. However, I tried it for a while and I didn’t love it. Just felt a bit exposed, plus there’s a lot of rabbit hair everywhere so I figured it would do more harm than good. I just skip pj bottoms instead, it’s cooler that way so I take that as a win!

Skip the soap

Like I said at the start, your vagina does a pretty good job of taking care of itself. That includes cleaning! Your vagina is very capable of cleaning itself and you putting soaps and extra water down there isn’t helping anyone. In fact it’s doing the opposite, messing with the pH of your vagina can lead to infections. So lets just let it do its thing. If you do feel like you wanna clean the general area then try to wash the lips and stuff (with mild soap! No soap is best though)

Wiping front to back, not back to front

Now some of you may of heard of this and some may have not, it seems so obvious but I didn’t realise until I had someone explain it to me. So, it feels almost natural to wipe from back (near your butt) to the front, after you’ve peed. But I wouldn’t recommend it, why? Well when you’re wiping in that direction, you’re pulling forward all the bacteria from around your butt and any bacteria around the vagina into the urethra. Which is prone to getting infected because apparently we don’t suffer enough as is. So wipe front to back, pulling all the bacteria away from the urethra!

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time 🍁



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