Feeling a bit stressed

Hey guysss

So blogtober is coming to an end, one more post left! I’m writing this on Sunday night, to go up on Monday (so, today) and I’ve had a bit of a stressy day/week.

My half term is coming to an end now but it hasn’t been as relaxing as I had hoped. I got slammed with three assignments just before it started with one being due in today and another being due in this Friday. Ive barely touched the one that’s due on Friday because the one that’s due in today requires so much effort. Mainly cos I didn’t actually fully understand what I was doing for a while.

I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it now but I can’t be sure, I’m still not done with it and thankfully I have Monday mornings off so I can finish it off during that time and hand it in during my afternoon lesson.

Friday’s assignment isn’t as hard but it’s quite beefy, there’s a lot to write about but it requires less mental effort so hopefully I can bash out something good during the week. I have the chance to resubmit if I don’t get the grade I want so it’s ok but I’d rather get a really good grade the first time and just tweak it (or not even need to resubmit!)

The third assignment is due near the end of November so that’s not even on my mind right now.

I guess this post turned into a bit of a rant but hey ho, this year is gonna be just a tad bit tougher than last year but I suppose I have no choice but to get through it.

Until next time 🍁


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