A successful blogtober, now what?

And here we are, on the last post!

Unlike last blogtober, I feel like this one went pretty well! Posting every other day worked way better than trying to post every single day, I think I’ll do the same for next blogtober!

Now back to regular blogging, I’m not entirely sure how it’s gonna be. I’m not blogging to be a pro or anything so I’m not putting pressure on myself to get stellar content to you guys multiple times a week. (If I were you I wouldn’t expect stellar content ever)

But anyway, I do like blogging so I’m gonna try to have a post out once a week. As of now there is no set day for me to post, I’ll just post as the mood strikes me I suppose!

Now that blogtober is over I suppose I now have to consider what kind of stuff I wanna be posting on the regs. I think, I’ll document my life a lil, put out some advicey posts here and there. I think I’d like to document my growth in written form. Sure I have my journal but thats private growth, it’s not the same as the growth that I broadcast to the world.

I am a bit sleepy so I’m not sure if I’m making complete sense but I suppose that’s the joys of having your own blog!

Until next time, whenever that may be šŸ


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