My journal supplies (Kinda newbie edition)

So I had an actual diary that I properly wrote in from the ages of 13-17, as a matter of fact the first three years of my relationship is safely recorded in that diary which I am so grateful for because I love looking back at it with my boyfriend.

For me there was a clear distinction between diary and journal, a diary was for recording things that happened in my life and a journal was more creative, where I’d write poems and lists. Then I fully filled my diary in the last few days of 2017 and decided to have my journal become a diary and a journal all in one. I didn’t think I needed to get myself another notebook just to use as a diary, plus I wasn’t using my journal as much as I wanted to be so I figured this was a good way to get some use out of it. It was going well but I still wasn’t using it the way I wanted to so I started looking to bullet journaling except not really. As much as I like the idea, bujo isn’t my kinda thing and I feel like it would frustrate me more than anything, but I did like the doodling and stationary that came with it. So I decided to branch out and buy stationary for my journal, which I can assure you is SO much more fun than buying stationary for school!

I have some pages up on my Instagram, just my monthly covers for now because I haven’t branched off into other types of pages just yet but soon!

Anyway so the whole point of this post is to show you what I’ve got at the mo that I use for journalling, as a sorta newbie!

Edited IMG_20181107_141327

First up we have brush pens, I’m no master (fake) calligrapher but I am having fun experimenting with these! Really the only word I can write semi nicely is “hello” but it’s definitely a start! (The Works,£4)

Edited IMG_20181107_141351

Edited IMG_20181107_141540

Next up we have good old fine liners, I was tempted to buy the Staedtler ones but honestly these were so much cheaper and I love how they write so win win! (Wilko, £3)

Edited IMG_20181107_141916

Now these felt tips I bought before I got the fine-liners because I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on the staedtler fine-liners (while I wasn’t aware of the wilko ones!) so I currently have them in my pencil case for school to use to prettify my notes. But I still pull them out to use in my journal from time to time. (B&M, £?)

edited IMG_20181107_142055

Right so this beauty is basically a slightly smaller than A3 book that’s filled with scrapbook paper. I decided to get this design because I was feeling the vibe but I had to really dig to get to it, there were a bunch of different designs. There were a couple of different flowery ones and all that jazz. (B&M, £2.99)

edited IMG_20181107_141643

Washi tape!! I was so excited about getting washi tape idek why, but I was not disappointed! I searched on amazon but a lot of them weren’t worth the price and loads had bad reviews. Most of the “washi tapes” were just regular stick tape with patterns on. So you couldn’t write on them or anything. But this washi tape is actually really nice and I’ll leave a link to these exact ones, this shop had multiple designs though so if you don’t like these then it’s fine.. (Non spon btw!!) (Amazon, £6.59)

edited IMG_20181107_141944




And of course, my journal. (WhSmith, £6?) Just a regular lined notebook really, my one requirement is that it couldn’t be a spiral bound notebook (¬.¬) I also wanted to talk about the stickers on it, I got them from Society 6, they’re more pricey over there but I like that the money actually goes to the artists and not some big corporation that has more money than it needs (lookin’ at you amazon)


Do you have a journal and if so, what kinda supplies do you have?

Until next time ❤


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