On the eve of 19

As you may have gathered from the title, I'm turning 19 tomorrow. It's a bit of an odd thought. I've been telling people that 19 is a bit meh, an inbetween stage where it's not "wow I'm 18 #adulting" and also not "ah fuck 20, not a teen anymore #panicadulting" But I don't think I'm … Continue reading On the eve of 19


The eternal struggle: How to relax?

So, I've just finished the last of the 3 assignments I've been working on this holiday. It feels AMAZING!!!! The assignment I just did probably needs a quick review before I print it but that's for another day. The one I finished yesterday was like, 23 pages long PHEW! All I have left to do … Continue reading The eternal struggle: How to relax?