Why I’m a vegetarian

So I’ve been a vegetarian for 2.5 years now, and what can I say? I don’t really miss meat.

I gave it a go when I was younger but I barely lasted 6 months, so my parents didn’t take me as seriously when I wanted to become a vegetarian the second time round. But I stuck to it and now my mum is a vegetarian too! She’s got other reasons though, I didn’t influence her much.

Anyhow so I figured I could talk about how being a vegetarian has impacted my life! I was originally gonna talk about all the health benefits but I’m not exactly an expert so I figured I should avoid those topics for now. This is a collab with the lovely Lana, go over and check out her post on veganism! After you finish mine of course!

So, why did I become a vegetarian in the first place? And how?

I’ll be honest, I feel like my story is a little odd. But here we go, we currently have two pet budgies but before these two we had a different pair. I called them Ezekiel (Zeke) and Crowley. I was really into Supernatural at the time, clearly.  Crowley was a short pudgy little bird and all was well for the first few weeks. And then Crowley died, it was awful. It all happened in about half an hour but it felt like hours and I could tell that he suffered. I’m not sure what happened to me but in that moment a switch flipped in my brain and I couldn’t stomach the idea of ever eating meat again. So I didn’t and here I am two and half years later.

Since then, my love for animals has only grown exponentially and I cry at dog’s trust adverts. (He found his person!!!)

I became a vegetarian because of Crowley but I stayed a vegetarian because of my love for animals. At the beginning I was tempted every so often but I knew that if I did give in that I’d feel so guilty and it wouldn’t be worth it so I didn’t go for it. Now, for the most part, the sight and smell of meat alone makes me gag a little so I suppose I can say I’m safe.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today! Make sure you go check out Lana‘s post and I’ll see you in my next one!

Until next time 🍁



A poem

You want me to be meek

Silent footsteps, sweet smiles.

To bow down before you,

to let you fill my mind with your ideals.

After all, I’m just a woman.


Sealed lips, sealed legs

for someone chosen to unwrap.

Not chosen by me, of course.


But I’m not yours to give

not yours to bend and shape.

I will never fit into your mould

I’m too loud, too angry

Too much of everything you didn’t want me to be.

Have you ever tried to silence a storm?

Try it, I dare you.

An impossible feat.


Now try and silence me

I dare you.

17 years and I’ve only gotten louder.

–  An angry poem from 2017


Why I love Autumn

Anyone who spoke to me for more than 2 minutes during the heatwave would have heard me hating on summer and wishing it would be autumn already. While my hatred for the overwhelming heat is a key player as to why I love autumn, it’s not the only reason.


Autumn is where my style can live its best life, I love layering clothes and wearing boots of varying lengths. Neither of which can be done during summer. It’s not that I have an aversion to showing my skin, but I’d rather it not be a necessity. In summer it’s physically impossible to hide your skin without overheating, not a big fan of that.


As mentioned above, I hate being too warm. I love that crisp autumn air when you step out of your house early in the morning. The grey clouds and promise of rain, all good things that make my soul happy. Plus, you can’t get cosy when the sun is blindingly bright and the weather is warm. But, when the temperatures begin to drop and your bed is suddenly far too comfortable to leave? Perfect cosy weather.


Autumn by far has the most beautiful colour palette, even though I’m someone who leans towards wearing cooler colours such as blues and greens. I can’t help but fall in love with gorgeous burnt oranges and deep reds each and every year when autumn rolls around. I’m even more forgiving of the infamous mustard yellow.

Until next time 🍁

Why self hosting wasn’t for me


So as you all know, I moved over to this blog about a week ago from my old self hosted blog. I even have a post somewhere about the whole process of going self hosted. I went self hosted because I felt like that was how I was supposed to progress as a blogger, that was the official next step in the “how to be a good blogger” handbook. I had made an Instagram for my blog because that’s what bloggers do, which I enjoyed for a while but it quickly became a burden instead of something fun. Then my blog quickly followed suit, I was so focused on gaining readers and trying to make back the money I had spent on the self hosting that I lost sight of why I even began blogging when I was 12 with my first ever blog.

I started blogging for fun, because I like to write.

It took me a while to realise what was happening, why I wasn’t itching to write a blog post anymore. It’s because I wasn’t enjoying it and I wasn’t writing what I wanted to write about. After this epiphany of sorts, I then hopped onto the fence about whether to continue self hosting and hope I feel better eventually or just revert back and go back to having fun.

Eventually a few weeks later I came to the conclusion that as long as money was being put into this, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it because I’d be too worried about the money. So therefore I decided I would go back and not renew the self hosting or the domain. I deleted that damn Instagram account too.

I’m much happier now that I can blog for fun and not stress about it!

So while I wouldn’t discourage people from going self hosted, just know that you don’t have to go self hosted to be a blogger.

Until next time 🍁

Blogtober Day 1!!

Hello everybody! If I’ve planned this correctly, this is probably one of the first blog posts I’m writing on this new blog! The others have been dragged over from my old one.

But yes, Blogtober, what is it? I’m sure many of you do know what it is and if not, I’ll tell you. Blogtober is a challenge of sorts, you blog everyday (or as close to that as you can manage!) for the whole of October. I decided for my sanity and the quality of my posts, I’ll be aiming to post every other day this month.

As October is very much intertwined with autumn and Halloween, a lot of bloggers like to have them as a running theme throughout this challenge but, as with most things to do with blogging, it’s not compulsory.

I have planned out some posts that are a bit of both, some have to do with autumn and some don’t. But there’s still room for me to come up with more posts! Which I hope I do soon because once school starts I’ll be drowning in assignments and homework.

And if you’re wondering, but won’t you have started school by now? My friend, that would be true if I was writing these posts in September but I decided to go extra hard and instead start planning and writing post in August to go up in October! This might seem a little extra to some but I learned the hard way that writing a post everyday is really difficult and I’d rather not give you guys some half assed barely making it to 100 words posts for the second half of October because I ran out of ideas.

And on that note, I’ll wrap up today’s post. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts this coming month and to those of you also taking part, good luck!!

Until next time🍁