Buying books in the digital age

So recently I downloaded the Kindle app on my phone, I figured it’d be cheaper and save more space if I bought more ebooks. You know, those random standalone books I wanted to read could be bought in ebook form. It would be more eco friendly too I suppose.

So I got the app, and I browsed and browsed and yet I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything. I found plenty of books I could’ve bought, but I didn’t. Couldn’t.

I’ve come to the realisation that nothing can beat the feel of a book to me. No argument about money saving or space saving can make me do it. Nothing can beat the feeling when I look up from my bed and see rows of books that I’ve bought over the years.

I love libraries and I do like to visit my local one every so often but it feels so much nicer building my own library. For when I move in with my equally book obsessed boyfriend and we can join our not-so-lil collections together, and continue to grow it.

I’ve had a bookshelf in every room I’ve been in since I could read, it was as much of an essential as my bed. I love the feel of books and how they look all stacked together.

Honestly, I just think I hate the feeling that my ebooks would be physically unaccounted for. I can’t put them on my shelves with the rest of my collection, they’ll just be hidden on my phone. Don’t like that.

And I’m not bashing ebooks, I’m fully aware of their strengths and I’m cool with the people who like ebooks. You do you and all that!

Until next time 🍁


Some simple steps to help save the planet

While I’m aware that large corporations are more to blame than the average person for the state of the planet, it’s still not entirely fair to shirk off any and all responsibility. Sure you’re one person, but that’s one more person that’s helping to make a change. If everyone thought that their efforts didn’t matter then we wouldn’t get anywhere in life. So I have some tips that you can incorporate into your daily lives because quite frankly, the earth is dying and we need to get off our asses and do something about it.

  1. Consume less animal products. The whole process of getting meat, dairy and all of that to your plates has disastrous consequences on the environment. While I understand that people can’t just stop eating meat cold turkey (pardon the pun) or have health issues that don’t allow them to do so. Maybe try having one or two days a week where you don’t eat animal products. It may not seem like much but it’ll help, reducing the demand will ultimately reduce how much is produced. It’s already happening thanks to the recent surge in people switching to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.
  2. Be conscious of how much water and electricity you’re using. Again, I’m not asking you to give up all your electrical possessions and give up baths forever. Baby steps, unplug things or turn the switches off then you’re not using them. Turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth and sure, maybe don’t have a bath every single day. It’ll help.
  3. Plastic, ah plastic. We’ve all been hearing about reducing our plastic usage, but how? Well, stop buying water bottles that you’ll end up throwing away. Buy a sturdy bottle, like the metal ones, and just use that. It’ll save you using so much plastic (and money!!) It doesn’t have to be really expensive either, I got mine from Wilko (in the UK) for £5! Buy resuable bags, a tote bag perhaps? I have a tote bag with me all the time, just in case I need one. Plastic bags cause so many problems and it just makes more sense to have your own reusable bags that you can fold away once you’re done using them. My dad, for example, has a few of those big reusable bags you can get from the supermarket in his car all the time so whenever we go shopping we’ll always have bags.
  4. Ordering things online, if you can try to order things all at once to reduce the amount of packaging used. It may not seem like much but limiting the amount of waste you produce (however recyclable it is!) will help massively.
  5. Buy clothes second hand, I probably will end up writing a post about fast fashion and all of that. But for this post, try to buy clothes from charity shops (trust me you can find some absolute gems for a fraction of the price) Plus that’s one more item of clothing that’s been saved from ending up in a landfill somewhere.

I hope these have inspired some of you to change your habits a little bit, until next time! 🍁

Keeping your vagina (and co) healthy

*Before I begin this post, I want to clarify that the vagina is just the opening. Where period blood comes out, where sex toys would go in (if you’re into that) etc. I have more of a focus on the vagina in this post but I do have some tips that are less about the vagina and more about other parts that could get infected, such as the urethra (where ye pee)*

For the most part, your vagina and surrounding area takes care of itself. Pretty convenient! But there are still ways that you can help out, quite important things too! Here are my current top tips:


I personally have never had a UTI but the things I have heard about it are unpleasant to say the least. This is after all kinds of sex. Oral, penetration, digital (fingering etc.) Peeing after sex means that any bacteria that may have gotten into your urethra get flushed out before any damage is done. I.e the painful burning peeing experience you’ll have. Even if you think you don’t need it, just go, you’ll be surprised!

Wear as little as you can to bed

In an ideal world you wouldn’t wear pants at all, to let it all breathe. Warm, moist places are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria so by allowing your vagina to breathe freely, you’re reducing the likelihood of an infection occurring. However, I tried it for a while and I didn’t love it. Just felt a bit exposed, plus there’s a lot of rabbit hair everywhere so I figured it would do more harm than good. I just skip pj bottoms instead, it’s cooler that way so I take that as a win!

Skip the soap

Like I said at the start, your vagina does a pretty good job of taking care of itself. That includes cleaning! Your vagina is very capable of cleaning itself and you putting soaps and extra water down there isn’t helping anyone. In fact it’s doing the opposite, messing with the pH of your vagina can lead to infections. So lets just let it do its thing. If you do feel like you wanna clean the general area then try to wash the lips and stuff (with mild soap! No soap is best though)

Wiping front to back, not back to front

Now some of you may of heard of this and some may have not, it seems so obvious but I didn’t realise until I had someone explain it to me. So, it feels almost natural to wipe from back (near your butt) to the front, after you’ve peed. But I wouldn’t recommend it, why? Well when you’re wiping in that direction, you’re pulling forward all the bacteria from around your butt and any bacteria around the vagina into the urethra. Which is prone to getting infected because apparently we don’t suffer enough as is. So wipe front to back, pulling all the bacteria away from the urethra!

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time 🍁


Why I’m a vegetarian

So I’ve been a vegetarian for 2.5 years now, and what can I say? I don’t really miss meat.

I gave it a go when I was younger but I barely lasted 6 months, so my parents didn’t take me as seriously when I wanted to become a vegetarian the second time round. But I stuck to it and now my mum is a vegetarian too! She’s got other reasons though, I didn’t influence her much.

Anyhow so I figured I could talk about how being a vegetarian has impacted my life! I was originally gonna talk about all the health benefits but I’m not exactly an expert so I figured I should avoid those topics for now. This is a collab with the lovely Lana, go over and check out her post on veganism! After you finish mine of course!

So, why did I become a vegetarian in the first place? And how?

I’ll be honest, I feel like my story is a little odd. But here we go, we currently have two pet budgies but before these two we had a different pair. I called them Ezekiel (Zeke) and Crowley. I was really into Supernatural at the time, clearly.  Crowley was a short pudgy little bird and all was well for the first few weeks. And then Crowley died, it was awful. It all happened in about half an hour but it felt like hours and I could tell that he suffered. I’m not sure what happened to me but in that moment a switch flipped in my brain and I couldn’t stomach the idea of ever eating meat again. So I didn’t and here I am two and half years later.

Since then, my love for animals has only grown exponentially and I cry at dog’s trust adverts. (He found his person!!!)

I became a vegetarian because of Crowley but I stayed a vegetarian because of my love for animals. At the beginning I was tempted every so often but I knew that if I did give in that I’d feel so guilty and it wouldn’t be worth it so I didn’t go for it. Now, for the most part, the sight and smell of meat alone makes me gag a little so I suppose I can say I’m safe.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today! Make sure you go check out Lana‘s post and I’ll see you in my next one!

Until next time 🍁


A poem

You want me to be meek

Silent footsteps, sweet smiles.

To bow down before you,

to let you fill my mind with your ideals.

After all, I’m just a woman.


Sealed lips, sealed legs

for someone chosen to unwrap.

Not chosen by me, of course.


But I’m not yours to give

not yours to bend and shape.

I will never fit into your mould

I’m too loud, too angry

Too much of everything you didn’t want me to be.

Have you ever tried to silence a storm?

Try it, I dare you.

An impossible feat.


Now try and silence me

I dare you.

17 years and I’ve only gotten louder.

–  An angry poem from 2017


What I’m watching these days

So in my last post I mentioned how I watch Netflix and all that good stuff. Which prompted me to write this post, good thing it did cos I need to get the rest of my blogtober posts sorted before I fall behind!!

So here’s a list of what I’m watching atm, not all of these are on Netflix because I live in the UK and it’s all a season behind *le sigh*

  • Jane the virgin
  • How to get away with murder – This is a wild one, they have a habit of doing “flash forwards” and then working backwards, it’s maddening!
  • Dynasty – Elizabeth Gillies am I right, wowee
  • Forensic files – mega interesting but I can’t watch it after dark haha!
  • Modern family – I mean, it’s modern family what more can I say!
  • Brooklyn nine nine – This is just the old seasons on a loop until the new one is released

Im also looking to start:

  • Sherlock (again!)
  • Maybe, the good place
  • The Crown

Bit of a short one today, but really what more can I say without boring you all to death?

Until next time! 🍁

October 2018| Where I’m at right now

So I know we’re in the middle of blogtober, but I feel like doing a life update. I feel like some things have happened that I’d like to talk about, plus blogtober is what you make it so here we go!

So two months ago I posted a blog post which just talked about where I was in life, you can read it here, I’ll be referencing it a lot.

Getting a job

So in that post I talked about how I had been struggling to get a job so I decided to volunteer in a charity shop to gain some experience in retail. Well, since then I got a job at a fish and chip shop, quit said job a month later cos the hours were ridiculous and then got a second job that pays way more and I can pick my hours! I can’t say where I’m working because that would give away where I live, but I had my first shift this past weekend and it was really chill. So I’m happy with that.


I told you guys how I had postponed my test because I wasn’t ready, well my test is this month and I’m not feeling too awful about it if I’m being honest. For the most part I’m driving fine, I just need to tweak things here and there but it’s nothing major. I’m honestly so excited to get this test over and done with, and hopefully passing it too!


Of course, school has started up again for me. We’re one month in, and while the school work itself is fine I’m not loving school. Almost everyone I went to school with is now at uni, and I’m left with barely a handful of people who are also staying an extra year but I don’t often get to see the ones who aren’t in my class. I’m not ashamed of staying an extra year but that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it. It feels like I shouldn’t be there anymore, and with all the changes and new people, it doesn’t feel like it’s the same school I’ve been going to for the past 7 years. But, Christmas is around the corner and we all know the days will somehow disappear once I’m over that hill.


So I moved over to my new blog! And honestly, I feel so at peace with blogging now. There’s no internal pressure, or stress. I’m just blogging because it’s fun again!


This is a new topic, so I’ve started getting really into journaling recently. I’ve got some actual ‘supplies’ now, and I have plans to get more! I’m really having a lot of fun with it and I’ll be writing more posts about it soon. I’m not sure how much of my actual journal pages I will share, the ones I’m more proud of will more than likely end up on my instagram so go give that follow. There’s a little peek into my feed over there (if you’re on a computer) >

That is also something else I’ve been having a lot of fun with, the same could not be said for the instagram I used to have.

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little update. I think “where I’m at right now” is what I’m going to call these posts. I quite liked writing it so I’ll probably be back with more whenever my life gets interesting again.

Until next time 🍁