A lil weekend haul

So I’ve ran out of scheduled blogotber posts, luckily I went out this weekend so woooo haul!


So I got nose and second ear piercings back in April, and for my job I’m not supposed to have piercings in. My ear piercings are easy to take out my nose, to be quit frank, hurt like a bitch. Because there was a ridge at the end to stop it from falling out but I had to pull that through the nose hole which is smaller than it. So I left it in and have been hiding from the authorities at work :/ So yeah, that’s why I got a nose ring sorta thing so that it’s way easier to take out. The other two nose piercing stuff I had to get because there were no stand alone nose rings ://

We’re gonna ignore the silver earrings cos they did not work out well at all. And of course, cactus earrings. Who would I be if I didn’t buy cactus earrings! (They were £3.50)


Brush pens! I’ve gotten more creative with my journaling recently and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at hand lettering, so brush pens. I’m not very good at the moment but I’ll practise, the pens are quite nice as well considering it was only £4! (From The works)


So APPARENTLY, collection came out with another darker shade for their concealer?? I’ve had number 4 for years, and it’s a tad too light but I feel like 5 is a tad too dark (I haven’t properly trialled it yet so it might not be!) so I’m gonna have to some mixing. Also it was on offer to it was £3 something at Wilko.


Truthfully, I got this because I wanted a notebook to plan out blog posts but then I figured that I’m not really that kind of blogger anymore. So I’ve decided to use this to practice my hand lettering, I think, I started practising in my journal but I think it would be better to have a separate notebook so that I can just have more pretty writing in my journal. (£1 from Wilko)


A metal water bottle!! This has been on my list for a while, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one just because everyone had bottles from that brand. (I think it’s called Chilly or something) I found this little beauty in Wilko for £5, there was baby blue and baby (?) pink. But yes, I wanted a metal water bottle because I want to reduce my plastic waste as much as I can because I need a water bottle with me at all times but most of the “reusable” plastic bottles I had always leaked. Or broke and ruined everything in my bag…

That’s all I got lads, I’ll be seeing you again the day after tomorrow (hopefully!)

Until next time 🍁


What I’m watching these days

So in my last post I mentioned how I watch Netflix and all that good stuff. Which prompted me to write this post, good thing it did cos I need to get the rest of my blogtober posts sorted before I fall behind!!

So here’s a list of what I’m watching atm, not all of these are on Netflix because I live in the UK and it’s all a season behind *le sigh*

  • Jane the virgin
  • How to get away with murder – This is a wild one, they have a habit of doing “flash forwards” and then working backwards, it’s maddening!
  • Dynasty – Elizabeth Gillies am I right, wowee
  • Forensic files – mega interesting but I can’t watch it after dark haha!
  • Modern family – I mean, it’s modern family what more can I say!
  • Brooklyn nine nine – This is just the old seasons on a loop until the new one is released

Im also looking to start:

  • Sherlock (again!)
  • Maybe, the good place
  • The Crown

Bit of a short one today, but really what more can I say without boring you all to death?

Until next time! 🍁

Shamelessly loving Twilight

Now hold your horses, I’m not saying that the Twilight series is without flaws. There are many. I haven’t read the books since I was 13, but I am aware of the questionable writing in it.

However, I do adore the films. The first one is super cringey but it’s still great. When I feel down, I usually try to sit down and watch a Twilight film. (Usually the third one onwards) I can quote the dialogue to perfection and some scenes have me smiling like I’ve just won the lottery.

I think for me, Twilight was my first look at love. While it’s not the healthiest relationship and I haven’t used it as a model for my own, nor would I recommend it, there’s just something about it that I can’t let go. I suppose it’s because it’s all fiction and I can enjoy the fantasy guilt free. Also vampires and werewolves? Definitely my kinda thing.

I do adore the music in it though, I’ve got a playlist on Spotify and I’ve got a playlist on my phone. I’m actually listening to the songs rn, it’s what prompted me to write this post. It’s just so calming, I have yet to get sick of the music. If I can’t get to the films, the music is the next best thing to help me feel better.

I wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure because I don’t think you should feel guilty about things that make you happy, unless they hurt others obviously.

So, what’s your non guilty pleasure?

Until next time 🍁

Getting my tattoo part 3| TATTOO DAY

Greetings! So at last, the day has come, I have got a tattoo! And if you follow me on social media then you know that I haven’t stopped talking about getting my tattoo for the last 24 hours, the worst is yet to come my friends.

So I got my tattoo today, as you may have gathered, and the first question I’ve been asked by friends is did it hurt? And my answer is fuck yes it hurt like a bitch, the outline did at least. The first part was bearable and then she moved onto the thicker lines and that was just beginning to cross the boundary of what was bearable and what wasn’t. Once the outline was done with, the rest was smooth sailing. I’ll insert a picture below, I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan of it when she showed me it on paper but I really do love how it turned out.

I also bought an aftercare balm from the tattoo shop, as it was £3 and I had heard good things about it. After the tattoo was done she cleaned it up, applied the balm and wrapped the tattoo in clingflim. Which I have since removed, cleaned my tattoo, applied the balm and then rewrapped the tattoo as instructed by my artist. She said that I could take it off tomorrow and leave it unwrapped from tomorrow onwards, which is nice because I don’t have to be at the charity shop with cling film on my arm….

Also, I’ll go back and correct this, but in a previous post I said that the total would be £55-£65 because of the booking fee but I was wrong because the booking fee was just deducted from the tattoo fee so I only paid £15 today which meant the total came to £35! Quite reasonable I’d say.

Honestly that’s all I’ve got for this post today, I’m thinking about doing an aftercare post to conclude this lil series so look out for that!

Also, side note, I mentioned this on Twitter but I’ll be moving over to my new blog on the 23rd of September (the autumnal equinox 😁) I’ll post the link closer to the time as I currently have it on private while I set it all up.

Until next time 🙂